Chairman’s Message

A Message from DR AMIR LAKHA, Chairman of HACOT

Dr Amir Lakha, Chairman of HACOT

1 Billion Individuals in this World suffer from Chronic Hunger


An individual who is hungry has the following options (1) Look for work or start a small business to earn some money to buy food or grow his own food or (2) Start begging or (3) Start stealing. As a consequence of hunger, frustration results if none of these options work. In all human beings frustration leads to aggression, whether it is verbal or physical. It is vented out on the nearest ones- wife, husband, children and parents and when the frustration is a daily occurrence it is vented out on neighbours, community and even on governments.

Chronic Hunger kills more human beings than those dying from TB, Malaria and AIDS combined. Yet the world does not attach the importance to it that it deserves.

Our NGO, HACOT, works with the hungry to enable them to achieve the first option of working and earning money so that they become self-sufficient in food and generate money. HACOT is like a channel for them to use, if they so desire, to achieve knowledge, capability, self-confidence and receive backup to stand on their own feet without being a burden on society. HACOT does not give anyone a penny in their hand or any free hand-outs in kind but helps to make them independent earners and, thereby, help to uplift human dignity and quality of life.

We are keen to assist ladies, gents, youths and elderly who are unemployed or are employed but not earning enough to make ends meet and also those who own a small business that is not doing well.

Vision of HACOT: Poverty, illiteracy and ill health are three important factors that deprive the human race from its entitlement of enjoying a reasonable life. Currently, in some areas the needs of the poor and needy remain unfulfilled while the potential donors do not know where and how to donate and whether their donation will be spent in the intended way. HACOT shall endeavour to serve effectively both the needy and the donors.

HACOT has a large number of partners spread worldwide including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, Niger, Cameroon, Benin, Dem Rep Congo, Sierra Leone. HACOT Kenya is one of the partners of HACOT. HACOT CENTRE in Mombasa, Kenya is a working model of our activities.

HACOT, in partnership with charities worldwide, trains the poor and needy in

  • Agriculture Crops – How to grow crops,  increase yields and market the crops
  • Livestock Farming – How to care for Livestock, increase yields of milk, eggs and achieve success in breeding livestock
  • Agro Forestry and Carbon trading scheme – How to grow plants ready for sale to ready buyers
  • Fish Farming – How to build Fish ponds and breed fish and also techniques in sea fishing
  • Business start-ups and Microfinance
  • Computers

HACOT provides free incentives (good quality seeds, fertilisers, farming tools, goats, cows and chicken) to those trainees who successfully implement what they have learnt during the training and are willing to work hard.  Additional training and support is provided to those trainees who are actually motivated but not succeeding. Progress reports on each trainee are prepared at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 3 years by our field officers.

HACOT is willing to work with all charities, governments, corporate firms, individuals and communities. The only conditions are

  1. We have to work together as partners with sincerity, honesty, discipline and selflessness for the benefit of the less fortunate
  2. We work using systems, policies and protocols for the efficient running of the project and to prevent fraud and misunderstanding
  3. The Trustees, staff and volunteers need to demonstrate accountability, responsibility and transparency
  4. We plan, monitor and evaluate the Project using the well-known tool Logical Framework approach.

To all those who are interested – Please let us work together to achieve an equitable, peaceful, harmonious world full of prosperity and fulfilment.

Human nature was meant to be one of sharing and caring and that gives real meaning to life.