Construction of Centre
Construction of Centre
Students Waiting Outside Centre for Training
In Class Training
In Class Training
From Theory to Practical
On the Farm at the Centre
Home of a Trainee
Fingerlings (Baby Fish) Being Released in Pond
Fish Pond for Demonstration of Tilapia Fish Farming
Agricultural Class in the Field at the Centre
Breeding Rabbits for Demonstration
Building Construction Class in Progress
Practical Training in Building Construction
Field Training in Progress within the Centre Compound
Agricultural Class in the Field at the Centre
Lemon Tree Planting for Demonstration
Ducks, Chicken and Guinea Foul at the Centre
Presentation of Seed Packets by Donor
Presentation of Seed Packets to Trainees
Class in Progress
Some Graduates of Training Program
Salama started a shop at the Centre. Completed Training
With Friends and Supporters
Visit to a School
Dr Amir Lakha at a BOND meeting